Six Down, Three to Go

Welcome to our project C. P. E. Bach Double!

We started this endeavor already in August 2016 when Mao and Vale had the idea of performing C. P. E. Bach’s Double Concerto for Harpsichord and Fortepiano. Although many of us are still students, we decided to craft a professional project with this concert idea. We wanted to see what it takes to organize an orchestral tour and, most of all, to offer a broad audience the possibility to hear this wonderful music.

Well, little did we know what we were getting ourselves into! Though it has been extremely rewarding, we’ve had to work persistently for six months to reach this point. We’ve spent a good time constructing the program and, with a little bit of luck, hunted down the music from various libraries in the Netherlands and Finland. As for the orchestra, we are thankful to be surrounded by so many capable musicians. The program requires a big crew, but The Hague is a great environment for initiatives like this.

Besides the music, we’ve searched and compared concert and rehearsal locations and finally chosen our venues in The Hague, Utrecht and Zoetermeer. And, of course, we’ve applied for funding from many, many, many sources. Fortunately this has also been worthwhile, since the Fonds 1818 and the Adriana Jacoba Fonds have decided to contribute to our project. One must say that even if the orchestra is full of good intentions, all artistic endeavors do require a bit of money to become reality.

Last but not least, our wonderful film-maker friend Carolina Cortés has helped us to shoot some videos and photos to communicate this project to the world. We hope that these materials help to illustrate our intentions and welcome you to follow our project.

At the moment we are preparing to launch our crowdfunding campaign at the Voordekunst platform. We’re very excited to share our work, and also curious for the all the feedback it might generate. Now our work resumes in marketing the concerts, making posters, preparing the rehearsals, arranging instrumental transports, writing program notes, etc. – the project is well on its way, and we are looking forward to perform the first notes on the 15th of March.

Here on the blog we will keep you posted about our progress, our insights on C. P. E. Bach, orchestral work and all other things we might encounter along the way. You are welcome to follow, share and comment our work!


Best regards,

Vera, Vale and Mao

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