The Rehearsal Week

After nine months of planning, applications, bookings and practice, we finally met to play some music! Last week was all about rehearsals with five days of intensive sessions at the DUWO House of Music. In a project such as this it is always surprising how long of a journey can one week be. However, yesterday we were finally content to conclude our rehearsals and run-through of the program. Now we will rest and gather the right kind of focus to perform next week.

Being a small orchestra like ours, provides the possibility to work without a conductor. This gives freedom to all of the ensemble members to participate, but also quite a bit of responsibility in solving the musical problems at hand. The project ensemble came well together and as organizers we are delighted to have such invested players in our project. Thanks to all of our musicians for your hard work this week!

The organization part is also falling into place – finally we need only a few bits and pieces to make the concert arrangements as good as possible. In the blog, we will come back to you once more before the concerts with some interesting details about our repertoire.

Mark your calendars, here we come!

CPE Bach Double

The C. P. E. Bach Double Tour 2017:

C. P. E. Bach – J. C. Bach

Wed 15/3 at 18:30, The Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Studio 1 (Juliana van Stolberglaan 1), FREE ENTRANCE

Thu 16/3 at 20:15, Deutsche Kirche Den Haag (Bleijenburg 3), 18€/9€ (CJP)/5€ (students)

Fri 17/3 at 12:30, Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Grote zaal (Vredenburgkade 11), FREE ENTRANCE

Sat 18/3 at 20:15, Oude Kerk Zoetermeer (Dorpsstraat 59), 18€/9€ (CJP)/5€ (students)

Tickets are sold at the venues one hour before the performance. For reservations email us.



Mariana Pimenta, soprano

Valentina Villaseñor, harpsichord

Mao Lee, fortepiano

The ensemble Für Kenner und Liebhaber

with Francesco Bergamini as the concertmaster

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