Now it has already been a week since the last C. P. E. Bach Double concert. We’ve had a bit of time to cool down and return to our everyday lives while taking care of the last administrative bits of the project. What a great experience it has been.

With four concerts we reached around 700 people in four very different locations. From the minuscule church concerts to the big hall of the TivoliVredenburg we got to experience quite the range of performances.

TivoliVredenburg 17/3, photos by Zhou Feng and Vicky Yang


Now we are eagerly looking forward for the recording made in the Deutsche Kirche on the 16th. Those who supported our campaign on Voordekunst with 50€ or more will received the mastered digital recording during April.

Deutsche Kirche Den Haag 16/3, photos by Zhou Feng and Vicky Yang


Once more, we would like to thank our supporters throughout the project:

And our friends and families for their love and support!


As organizers, we owe our great thanks for the amazing Für Kenner und Liebhaber orchestra created for this project. It was a great pleasure working together and we hope to find a continuation for this endeavor in the near future. Also special thanks to our recording engineers Ausma Lāce and Zuzanna Chajewska and our friend Eugenie van der Meulen for helping us with the Dutch translations. And of course to Vicky Yang and Michelle Chow for giving us a hand with all the practicalities during the two weeks.

Oude Kerk Zoetermeer 18/3, photos by Zhou Feng


The C. P. E. Bach Double project will go for a short and well-deserved break. The two weeks were the culmination of nine months of hard work from us. We are glad to say it was worth every minute and we will definitely do it again. Stay tuned for our new projects!


All the best,

Vera, Valentina and Mao

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