Tour and Tickets

The C. P. E. Bach Double tour in 2017:

C. P. E. Bach – J. C. Bach

Wed 15/3 at 18:30, The Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Juliana van Stolberglaan 1), FREE ENTRANCE

Thu 16/3 at 20:15, Deutsche Kirche Den Haag (Bleijenburg 3), 18€/9€ (CJP)/5€ (students)

Fri 17/3 at 12:30, Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht (Vredenburgkade 11), FREE ENTRANCE

Sat 18/3 at 20:15, Oude Kerk Zoetermeer (Dorpsstraat 59), 18€/9€ (CJP)/5€ (students)

Tickets are sold at the venues one hour before the performance. For reservations email us.


Mariana Pimenta, soprano

Mao Lee, fortepiano

Valentina Villaseñor, harpsichord

The ensemble Für Kenner und Liebhaber

with Francesco Bergamini as the concertmaster

Mao Lee is currently studying fortepiano with professor Bart van Oort at the Royal Conservatory The Hague. Lee is completing his Master’s degree this year and exploring C. P. E. Bach’s monumental treatise Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments as his research topic. When not practicing music, he enjoys nature, painting and meditation.

After completing her studies in composition and piano in Chile, Valentina Villaseñor moved to the Netherlands to study harpsichord with Jacques Ogg and Patrick Ayrton. Her main focus is historical improvisation and she will complete her Bachelor’s degree from the Royal Conservatory this year.

The orchestra is named after a collection of keyboard pieces by C. P. E. Bach, freely translated as “For Connoisseurs and Lovers”. We aim to reach a diverse audience, both music lovers and professionals, creating a bridge between our personal style and the public taste